Liquid Health™ Raspberry Ketone acts as a daytime thermogenic and fat blocking agent. Liquid Health™ Raspberry Ketone tastes delicious yet addresses some of the most problematic areas of body composition. By stimulating the hormones that regulate and break down fat storage, Liquid Health™ Raspberry Ketone can help you redesign your body image and rid yourself of stubborn fat. By increasing your resting metabolic rate, you burn more calories rather than store them as fat even while you rest.

•Delicious Raspberry Taste

•Once a day morning formula

•Thermogenesis*- 3 x more powerful than capsaicin

•Reduce cellulite and fat formation*

•Increased Adiponectin a hormone that signals to your body that enough fat has been stored*

•Promotes Lipolysis (Break down of fat for energy)*

•L Carnitine- Reduce fat mass while increasing muscle*

•Green Tea- satiety and increased metabolism*